Family Discipleship – 1/20/15

Bring Faith Home 3

For those with younger children:

This week spend some time praying together as a family. For many prayer can be difficult to do together, figuring out what to say or how to say it, but it is important for the faith development of children to experience prayer with their parents.

  • Pick a time this week to pray together that is not centered around a meal time.
  • Here is a link that can help focus your family prayer time
    • Pick 1 area to pray about with your family (be open to taking turns). If you can do this several times this week feel free to mix and mingle them together, or pray for people who are not a part of your family.

For those with adolescents:

This year’s Winter Youth Retreat (held this past weekend) was rooted in making God the center of our lives. Ask your child questions about what he/she learned, saw, experienced and felt on the retreat. Over the next couple of weeks, the Family Discipleship activities will reiterate lessons learned on the retreat.

     Here are some conversation starters and tips:

  • Begin a conversation by sharing with your child some thoughts you have had regarding the theme of the retreat.  Ask him/her if those thoughts were similar to any of the thoughts shared on the retreat or any thoughts he/she has had.
  • In light of the theme of “crucifixion” that was discussed on the retreat, ask your child to consider what it means to die in order for Life to flourish in us.  Perhaps you can share a personal example of how that has happened in your own life and ask your child if he/she has considered areas in life in which he may have to “give up” things in order to make room for Life. Let him/her know that you will be praying for him/her to have wisdom and courage to grow in the ways that God is directing.
  • Be aware that the first conversation may be very short.  Don’t be afraid to bring it up more than once. Be sure to treat his/her answers with respect and encouragement no matter what he/she may share so that he/she will know that you are a “safe” person with whom to share.


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