Children’s Bible Classes – Fall 2014

life with GodThis fall we are continuing the Life with God for Children curriculum for our 4 year olds through 4th graders. If you have not been a part of Bible class, we hope you might consider joining us!

The Life with God for Children curriculum emphasizes knowing God and His word as explained in the following quote:

“The Bible is filled with stories of God in relationship with people. In these stories he reveals himself. Through these stories he cultivates the soil of love and relationship.  In Life with God for Children the Scriptures are the anchor, and spiritual disciplines are used as a means of engaging in relationship.”

A few Reminders:

The four year olds through 2nd graders will be using The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories copyrighted in 2005 by Zondervan every Sunday during Bible class. We would LOVE it if your child would begin to develop the habit of carrying his/ her Bible (story book) to and from class as a means of emphasizing the important of God’s Word for their lives.

The 3rd and 4th graders will be reading from the International Children’s Bible every Sunday.  We strongly encourage that they, too, develop the habit of carrying their Bible to and from church. If you have multiple children, we recommend bringing a book bag with you each week so that you can better manage the Bible(s) after class.

If you still need one of the Bibles for your children they are still available for $10 in your child’s Bible class (if the cost of the book is a problem, please let us know).  Checks can be made out to the Clear Lake Church of Christ.

You can download and print an updated schedule of the Bible stories that will be covered each week. With this schedule, you and your child will be able to stay up with the class all year even if you have to miss, and it gives you an opportunity to continue learning the stories through the week.


For those who have children that are three years old, or in 5th grade: Our 5th grade class will continue the Christian Science class with Susan Wright, and Toni Miller will be teaching our three year olds stories through the Bible.


Please continue to pray for your all of the children to experience what a life with God is really like. 

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