Help for Widows, Elderly, and Single Moms

men on a mission missionThe men of the church are committed to serving our members as we have opportunity.  We want to be diligent about seeking to serve the widows, elderly and single moms of our church family.   We are equipped to handle yard work, cleanup, minor home repairs & maintenance and various miscellaneous chores!

If you have a need or know someone who has a need please contact us at:

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One Response to “Help for Widows, Elderly, and Single Moms”

  1. avatar Darnell Allen says:

    I really like the entire concept of the ministry that you have established to be of assistant to the elderly, widows, and single moms. Do you have a system of operations in how you go about accomplishing this. If so, please forward any materials and/or information available, as we wold like to consider such a ministry at my church.

    Thank you for your help and prompt response.

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