From the Beginning . . . God’s Plan for Us

God's Plan


Did God Create Dinosaurs? 

            Can you answer  your children’s questions about science and the Bible?  Can you explain dinosaurs?  Do you know who Cain married?  How old is the Earth?  Do you know how the Ice Age fits into the book of Genesis?  If you are looking for the answer to these questions, consider attending a course designed to give you answers and build your faith in the Word of God.

             South Houston Bible Institute is offering Susan Wright’s course, “From the Beginning… God’s Plan for Us” at Clear Lake Church of Christ on Thursday nights from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m in room 216. The class begins January 30th and runs through May 8th.

This course covers Genesis 1-12, along with Christian Evidences. It is a Bible study designed to help parents and teachers defend their faith and answer children’s tough questions about science and the Bible. Topics range from the origin of man, evolution, the age of the earth, fossils, dinosaurs, racism, Cain’s wife, and Ice Age. Students can take this course for credit or audit.  To take the course for credit, register  here or call 281-990-8899.



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