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I’m not sure how Jewish people might take my comparing the Torah to an “Instant Nation Kit” but my guess is, not well. However, I was not intending to be offensive. Frankly, I marvel at the brilliance of God providing everything needed so that Israel could “hit the ground running.” They were prepared to enter the Promised Land and become “a light to the nations” as a later prophet would say. God provided all that was needed and if there was anything lacking, he would provide that as well.

I love the comparison of New Covenant to Old. The Old Covenant perfectly laid the foundation so that we might understand how wonderful the New Covenant is. The book of Hebrews in the New Testament presents the New Covenant as superior in every way. However, without the first covenant we would not realize just how perfect is the second one.

In reflecting on this morning’s sermon I really like illustrating the New Covenant with my marriage covenant. It’s a popular idea that we marry someone because we love them. That is true as long as one understands that pre-marital love is only a starting place. It is immature in that needs to grow in depth. The marriage covenant allows love to grow and mature. It is the same with our relationship to God. God is the perfect covenant partner. He supplies everything we need so that our love for him will grow deep and rich.

The key to a successful marriage is commitment and forgiveness. If both partners are committed to the marriage and both develop the ability to forgive the other, that marriage will thrive. In our covenant with God the same is true. God is completely committed to everything he has promised. He is also extremely forgiving of our weaknesses. The real question is not about God, however, it’s about us. Are we completely committed to covenant living? Are we committed to letting God live through us?

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Byron FikePreaching Minister

Byron has been the preaching minister at Clear Lake since 1999. He and his wife have three grown children, who have also devoted their lives to serving the Lord. In his personal time, Byron likes to read books, watch movies, and play with his little dog Willie. He also is an avid follower of Alabama football, having grown up in Tuscaloosa during the glory days of Bear Bryant.

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