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Sunday’s most repeated question, “Since you covered the whole story this week does that mean I don’t have to come for the next 31 Sundays?”  Answer: “Only if you think I covered everything that needed to be said about the Bible in a single 30 minute sermon.” 
It was good to take a BIG picture look at the message of salvation from sin last week.  Knowing the end from the beginning allows us to see Jesus on every page.  Our perspective on life is so short sighted, so ego-centric, so . . . well, so human!
Taking a few steps back and seeing the whole message of scripture helps us trust God as we live out our day to day existence.  He really is working out his plan, even when we can’t see it.  He really does want to use us and work through us.  Our job is not to know HOW everything is working out, but to put our faith in the One who does.  He is the one who has accepted us, redeemed us, adopted us and reconciled us to himself.  He is the One who has given us eternal life in his son and has promised to be with us through this life and finally to right all the wrongs on earth so that our future will be more glorious than we can even imagine.
I promised someone on Sunday that I would repeat the listing of sin’s consequences that I quickly covered in the sermon.  I began with the introduction of sin and ended with the cycle of revenge.  I didn’t give any scripture references but will include some in this list.  All the references come from Genesis:
Sin (3:1-6)
Shame (3:7)
Cover up (3:8-10)
Finger Pointing (3:11-13)
Jealously (4:3-5)
Anger (4:6-7)
Murder (4:8)
Revenge (4:23-24)
Revenge is history of the world, but thankfully it does not get the last word.  When Jesus taught that we are to forgive “not seven times but seventy-seven times” (Matthew 18:22) he is surely echoing Lamench’s boast.  God has turned an “up-side-down” world “right-side-up” through Jesus’ death and resurrection.  The renewal of all things has begun.  Now we pray,“Come, Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20) as we await the final redemption.
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