Women in Contemporary Culture

I found the above pictures amusing.  I found many others on the internet that were not funny, but quite harsh.  It is insightful to see how outsiders look at Christians and our practices.  It’s one thing if people want to poke fun at our doctrine of baptism or our desire to help people in neeed.  However, when they poke fun at our inconsistencies and traditional practices not based on scripture, we need to pay attention.
The above pictures make fun of some misinterpretations of selected scriptures.  The purpose of the 5 lessons presented on “Women in the Life of the Church” was to help us have a better reading and understanding of what the Bible teaches.  I don’t mind if I am ridiculed for worshiping a man who has risen from the dead.  However, I do get weary of having to explain why we insist on maintaining certain restrictions that are not found in the Bible.  Especially, when the restrictions run the risk of being demeaning and insulting.
What do we do next?  I’m not sure.  Next Sunday evening we will hear “The Voices of Our Sisters” as they speak about their experiences in the Church of Christ.  May God give us the guidance for our next steps.
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Byron FikePreaching Minister

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2 Responses to “Women in Contemporary Culture”

  1. I am sorry to have missed both our class discussion and the evening presentation; though, I was able to make for our worship assembly. I’m super glad that I was able to make it to at least that! I’ve only tip-toed into what you were discussing in your sermon yesterday, with never a full understanding of what Paul was getting at. It has been difficult for me because I respect Paul so much, but yet, here in some small sections of scripture he almost seems totally sexist… I am thankful in being able to see all this from a new perspective! Just as with circumcision with Timothy and baptism and slavery, Paul’s aim seems to be at not making these cultural issues stumbling blocks for budding disciples. I’m assuming also that Paul is hoping that given enough time as disciples, these folks will not be so interested in maintaining strict cultural boundaries, through the leading of the Holy Spirit no less!

    I find it humorous that I’ve ignored the fact, even in the midst of the “veil situation,” Paul is not telling woman not to speak or prophesy. All I was able to see was the submission and silence and head coverings…

    In light of this series, I’ve been inspired to write a little something on modern women in ministry. This particular woman, I found very inspiring because she led Thomas Merton (a known hero of mine) towards a life of contemplation and social justice. From her web page, I’ve read a survey about her life. I’m hoping to find a copy of her personally written auto-biography. Here is a link to what I’ve written on this woman and some thoughts on “Women in the Life of the Church.” However, I must note that these are my own personal reflections on the issue as it deals with the “moving of the Spirit,” and not so much on the cultural issue, but on the premise that God does indeed move woman to take leadership roles or even “leadings” of His Holy Spirit.


  2. arI know I've already filled my comment quota, but I just wanted to add how awesome I think it is that we're, as a church, discussing this issue. And I say “issue” because our traditions are becoming a conflict with faith. Saying we do the things we do because we've always been told, “thats the way we do it,” just doesnt feel right. Something is wrong.

    Before I make this too long of a rant, I will say that I'm finding it interesting that this topic is being discussed not only in our church, but also in area churchs, in online debates, and on the radio!!! All recent, too. The Spirit is on the move!!

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