Master the Tempest is Raging

Someone asked me last week if I got my sermons from the internet.  That question could be interpreted a number of different ways, both positive and negative.  However, I think the question was asked, not about the quality (or lack thereof) of the sermons, but so that the person could do some further research on something of interest.

For those who are now wondering, I do in fact, write all of my sermons.  However, I have found a number of resources helpful. Morna Hooker’s small book is very insightful and has illuminated a number of texts. One of the newest additions to my library is Kelber’s work, Mark’s Story of Jesus.  Both of these books are less than 100 pages and well worth reading. For those who would prefer a verse by verse commentary I have found Mark Black’s addition to the College Press Commentary series to be useful.

Of course, nothing should ever be substituted for reading the Gospel yourself, often and in a variety of translations.  As you consider comments by various authors and preachers you will quickly discover that they do not agree with each about many details of Mark’s Gospel, or perhaps even the point of the book itself!  That is why all reading and listening should be done critically.  Well-studied students can enlighten you, but in the final analysis you must let Mark tell you who Jesus is.

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Byron FikePreaching Minister

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