The Selection of Overseers

I sat in a couple of meetings this afternoon that were quite encouraging. Our spiritual direction (SD) committee meeting met today. We listened to one of our church members describing the work of our newly formed adult education committee. This committee has done a lot of hard work and I know the whole church will benefit in the near future as a result. But what I noticed today was how engaged the five elders who sit on the SD committee were. They were asking questions, encouraging the one making the presentation, making suggestions, and basically keeping themselves informed about what is happening that has the potential to provide our church with spiritual formation. After that we discussed other matters of importance including some follow up visits the shepherds have been making with people who have not been seen at church in some time.

We talked some about the many visitors we have been having at church lately and how difficult it is to remember names and stories that people tell us. One overseer said that he was going to begin keeping a small notebook with him for the purpose of helping his memory. We also talked about how important it is that every visitor to our service be greeted and welcomed. Again, the shepherds discussed ways that we could ensure that would happen.

After that meeting I sat with the Spanish Ministry committee and again was able to observe one shepherd in particular as he listened well, asked good questions, offered suggestions, and demonstrated personal insight into people and how this ministry can be effective.

I’m in the middle of a three sermon series on selecting shepherds, however, I think the best sermon is being preached by the shepherds who are now serving. They are involved in people’s lives because they truly care about them. They are engaged in discussions with the other leaders of the church because they want to see every ministry of the church succeed. We need to add to their number those who have like-minded hearts, servant spirits, and mature, spiritual lives. Continue to ask God to reveal to us whom he has prepared for this special role among his people. And keep your eyes open to see who is already serving in this way.

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Byron FikePreaching Minister

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