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Since Vocal Union did a concert during Sunday School AND presented a sermon in song during the worship service, I got a rare Sunday off from teaching and preaching. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert but got distracted during the worship. Everything was going great until the second half of my Communion meditation when I forgot to turn on my microphone. Then I handed off my lapel mic to the sound people forgetting that I would need it for the contribution prayer. Thinking fast on my feet I borrowed a hand held microphone from one of the Soprano singers in the praise team. For some reason (I don’t even want to know now) the people in the back couldn’t adjust fast enough so all we got was feedback.

As soon as the sermon in song began I noticed some people standing in the baptistery. I knew there was going to be a baptism at the end of the service and left to go inform them that there was a good 30 minutes to go before they needed to be in the water. I came back in the sanctuary and sat in the wings where I had a good shot of the BACK of the singers! I missed the middle of the sermon in song and was therefore lost as to the overall point of the presentation.

Oh well, I learned something a long time ago and get have the opportunity to relearn it regularly: “It’s not about me, it’s ALL about Him!”. In spite of my confusion the Lord was praised today, His people were encouraged, and we have a new sister in Christ. Hallelujah!

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Byron FikePreaching Minister

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