The Call

We looked a long time last week to find a picture to use for the sermon series, “Supper Time”, which began today. I wanted a picture of the bread and cup but had a terrible time finding a picture that looked like something you could possible have for supper! To have the heading “Supper Time” over a picture of a pinch of cracker and a thimble full of wine just didn’t look right. I finally found this one which we used in the presentation today. list of domains . It’s a thought provoking picture don’t you think? What thoughts come to your mind as you examine it?

I’ve never considered that the answer to the problems of unity and holiness would be found in maintain potency using over the counter product the Lord’s Supper until this past week. I’m excited to dig deeper in to 1 Corinthians to uncover the power of this simple observance that Christ told us to do “in remembrance of me.”


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Byron FikePreaching Minister

Byron has been the preaching minister at Clear Lake since 1999. He and his wife have three grown children, who have also devoted their lives to serving the Lord. In his personal time, Byron likes to read books, watch movies, and play with his little dog Willie. He also is an avid follower of Alabama football, having grown up in Tuscaloosa during the glory days of Bear Bryant.


2 Responses to “The Call”

  1. avatar Ben says:

    “Calling” has been sort of a buzz word during my time at ACU, usually in relation to major and occupation. Many students seem to worry (I must admit – I’ve been one) if what they are doing is what God is calling them too. The fear of missing “the call” seems to be wide spread.

    I liked that your sermon called us to a place where “calling” means WHO we are and not WHAT we are. A professor I really admire said on this topic, “Don’t worry so much about ‘calling’ and ‘missing your calling’, just do what you like to do and do it well”.

    This weeks sermon was a good reminder that Communion is an acting out of WHO we are in Christ, and not merely WHAT we do because we are Christians.

  2. avatar Jeremy says:

    I thought your sermon was well done. I was, however, a bit disappointed to see yet another sermon series on the Lord’s Supper from 1 Corinthians (albeit with a new spin on it). I prefer Hebrews myself. It helps to underscore the true meaning of sacrifice.
    A point that I think is very important in regards to the Lord’s Supper is that it is not just a passive “remembrance” but an active “proclamation.” We proclaim his death until he comes.
    It will be interesting to see you work through all the material in 1 Corinthians, I think it speaks a lot to the current state of affairs (no pun intended).
    Grace and Peace!